Evergreen Writing Services uses the power of the written word to clearly communicate a compelling message.



The written word is a powerful marketing tool that says so much about you and your business.  We understand the importance of well-written copy, and that it must first get you noticed before it achieves a positive result. 


Well-written copy motivates a person to take action -- and is essential at branding your company in print, on the web, and in the mind of the reader.   Your business communication is a representation of you and your business, so you can be assured we will conduct the necessary research regarding your business, and develop a compelling message that reaches your target audience.


Buying decisions are emotional - so if you are planning to create promotional materials, you must have well-written copy that targets the customer, clearly informs, and motivates the customer to take action.   Whether we are writing content for business correspondence, website, or advertising and marketing collateral -- each project is written with attention to detail and care with your target audience in mind. 



Branding your business through compelling visual presentations, then combining it with an offering that creates the voice of your brand.




Request for Proposals


We understand the importance of a well-written request for proposals (RFPs) and that it is important marketing communication tool to obtaining new business.  Our years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development has sharpened our skills to write an proposal that is clear and concise.  Expertise ranges from fact-finding and research, to writing and presenting RFP's to prospective clients.  Contact us for further information.  We welcome an opportunity to service your business communication needs.




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