Evergreen Consulting Services™ is a business development and marketing management consultancy delivering solutions for the continued success and growth of business organizations. 

At Evergreen Consulting Services, we consider it a privilege to work with business owners, leadership and management teams in the upper Midwest and throughout North America.  ECS consultants have accrued over 20 years of professional experience in sales, marketing, business development; and have been appointed to management and leadership positions with continued success in business organizations.  

Evergreen Consulting Services provide the seamless integration between strategic planning and the timely implementation of sales, business development, and marketing solutions.  We successfully work with our clients to build stronger brands, communicate a compelling message, and facilitate growth.   

With a dedication to service excellence, you can expect the right blend of professional experience, strategic thinking, and thoughtful execution toward driving results.  

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Leadership | Experience & Credentials


Valerie Weber Hamann, President & Founder of Evergreen Consulting Services, has accrued over twenty years of professional experience in sales, marketing and business development.   Her experience and credentials include Data & Marketing  Analyst retail operations at corporate headquarters located in Minneapolis, MN;  Banking Analyst operations a national bank;  Marketing Director, Vice President of Sales and Marketing | Human Resources for a state-wide regional title company;  Account Executive & Corporate Trainer for a national MLS software company servicing clients in worldwide markets; and Business Development Manager for a global neighborhood electric vehicle company servicing customers in both domestic and international markets. 


Valerie earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Minnesota State University, Moorhead; and has a proven track record for building long-term  business alliances, successfully collaborating with management and leadership teams, spearheading new divisions, and increasing sales and revenue. 


Leveraging combined years of professional experience in business development, sales, marketing, customer service, and financial operations - Evergreen Consulting Services collaborates with leadership and management teams to conceptualize, develop, and implement sustainable growth practices, thereby gaining entry into new markets and positioning businesses at the forefront of their industry. 


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Copyright © 2003 - 2014 Evergreen Consulting Services
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